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List Of Features In Development

1. “Reviews Slider” should be visible at bottom of review page.

2. “List View” and “Thumbnail View” for “My Files Page”.

3. Create 'Add a comment' without any markup.

4. Creates file validation for any malicious stuff.

5. Portfolio and Templates for Web Designers.

6. Public File (Review) / Public Sharing.

7. Guest user log-in and Commenting Functionality.

8. Flicker like System for Image Tagging and Filtration.

9. Convert Multiple Images into Video.

10. Digital Pen Detection

11. Photoshop like Image Manipulation Tools

Features Incorporated

1. Online Markup and Collaboration for Web Pages, Videos and Images etc.

2. Online Web Page, Screen shot and Reviews.

3. Review and File Management.

4. Team and User Management.

5. Review Assignments and Team Collaboration.

6. Online Mail Notification on Creating Review and Markup.

7. Working on Desktop, Laptop, Tablets, iPad, iPhone.

8. Chat and Mail Support.

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